Twitter Privacy Center

Jul 20, 2021

Updates to our Terms and Privacy Policy

We’ve been busy over the last few months, launching new features and options that make Twitter even better. Now, we’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect our latest updates.  

Here’s a recap of the changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that go into effect on August 19, 2021:

  • Twitter Spaces: Spaces is where live audio conversations happen on Twitter. Our Privacy Policy now shares more details about what participating in or hosting a Space means for your data. We analyze data from Spaces to provide audio transcriptions, to review for potential violations of the Twitter Rules, and to make improvements to the way the feature works. As a reminder, all Spaces are currently public, so your presence in a Space and anything you broadcast when you use Twitter Spaces is also public. 

  • Twitter Blue: Currently available in Canada and Australia, Twitter Blue is our first ever premium subscription offering, geared toward the most passionate and engaged people on Twitter. For a monthly fee, subscribers receive access to exclusive features and premium customer support. We’re updating our Terms of Service to reflect this new offering and reference additional terms applicable to the service.

  • Payments: We’re updating our policy to reflect some of the new paid services we’ve launched. When you make a payment to Twitter or send money using Twitter, including through an intermediary, we may receive information about your transaction, such as when it was made or when it is set to expire or auto-renew.

  • Autoplay: We recently updated the way videos autoplay on Twitter, including videos from third-party partners. When you watch or interact with content from these partners, they may receive and process some data as described in their privacy policies. If you don’t want video content to play automatically, you can adjust your autoplay settings.

  • How we use your data: Twitter does not sell your personal data. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to make this clear, and also clarified how we  protect your data when it is transferred outside the country you reside in.

    You may see an in-app notice about these updates as well. As we continue to bring new features and offerings to Twitter, we will update our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and keep you informed.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to our Office of Data Protection through this form.